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Marci Zaroff is a force to be reckoned with! She not only helps the world by being more sustainable, but she’s the person who made green fashion happen. As in, literally.

She Created The Term ‘Eco Fashion’

It’s a term that we use often, without really knowing where it comes from. Well, it’s thanks to Marci. “I actually coined and trademarked the term EcoFashion in 1995′,” Marci said in an interview with EcoSalon. “Even today, if you type in, it goes right to my website.” Kudos!

She Launched the World’s First Lifestyle Brand

Marci launched Under the Canopy in 1996. It’s an organic fiber company focused on providing stylish items that don’t compromise on health, whether human or environmental. Some of the items available from it include towels, duvets and blankets. The brand also offers loungewear and luxe basics that are organic and fair trade. “We promote the concept of ‘no compromise’”, Marci said in an interview with Target Marketing. “For our catalogs, hangtags, packaging and printed materials, we choose papers that consist of 20 percent to 100 percent post-consumer recycled content.” They also use soy-based ink, recycled boxes for shipments and low-impact dyes.

She Was Curious

It was a love of fashion that inspired Marci. After getting her business degree and creating a school for health and wellness in New York, she started thinking about the link between food and fabric. A large amount of cotton ends up in food, which is frightening when you consider that it’s sprayed with pesticides, so she thought about organic cotton as a better alternative. It’s that curiosity that is so important if you want to become a greentrepreneur because it opens your mind to new ideas and learning.

She Loves What She Does

Marci is involved in lots of different green initiatives with a focus on teaching to promote sustainability. “People ask, ‘Do you ever sleep?’ [My work] is my calling,” Marci said in the same EcoSalon interview. “My favorite quote, from the book The Prophet, is, ‘Work is love made visible.’ If you love your work, it’s not work. You’re just doing it, right?” Loving what you do is definitely a must if you want to stay committed and make your dreams come true.

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